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Emmy-winning entertainment producers

Goji is the creation of Gotham Studios, a production company of veteran producers from Hollywood and New York, with offices in Virginia and California. We've created countless productions for television, radio, websites, and events across the nation.

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The Team

Peter Nissen

President & Executive Producer


LinkedIn profile for Peter Nissen

Peter is an Emmy-winning TV producer with 3 decades at networks and shows including Today, National Geographic, E!, History Channel, Comedy Central and Pee-wee's Playhouse. He's a dad, a cappella singer, Broadway actor, software engineer, inventor, and Yale graduate. He married an Eastman composer who's now his patent attorney/wife (see below).

John Toebes

Chief Technology Officer


LinkedIn profile for John Toebes

John is a visionary engineer with over 125 patents issued worldwide in data management, compression technology, user experience and recommendation systems. He’s had leadership roles at SAS, Extreme Networks, Escape Velocity, and Cisco, where he produced “Men in Black: The Game.” John is passionate about STEM and has coached First Robotics and Science Olympiad for over a decade with his wife, Mary Ellen. He served in the US Air Force as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Angel Lezak

Big Picture Strategist


LinkedIn profile for Angel Lezak

Angel is a Silicon Valley big shot, managing the IP of many of the world's top tech companies in the areas of 3D graphics, image processing, game systems, virtual machines, business analytics, audio, and Web tech, to name a few. Her ongoing hobby is acquiring patents for Goji technology. In addition to her law degree, she has diplomas from Purdue in engineering, and from Eastman in music composition.

Charles Dudley

Consultant and Shareholder


LinkedIn profile for Charles Dudley

Charles has been building digital products since the very early days of the web. With a unique combination of art and computer science backgrounds he's had the honor to work with exciting early stage startups as well as many of the Fortune 250 including Google, Disney, Microsoft, and Riot Games. After cutting his teeth in NYC, SF and LA he now spends his time in Austin, TX—mostly in the comfort of air conditioning.

Goji Lezak-Nissen

C.E.O. (Canine Executive Officer)


Like the GojiBox, Goji is small and highly entertaining. Before coming to Gotham Studios, she worked for several dog-years at a multi-national law firm with offices on both coasts of the US. Skills include snuggling, begging for affection, dressing up for Halloween, and snoring.

Goji In The News

  • Limited Time Special Offer

    April 23, 2020

    3 years of updates free of charge

  • Global Aviation Technologies to offer GojiBox® Inflight Entertainment System

    April 17, 2020

    This is the future of IFE.

  • The Story From the Air

    January 6, 2020

    There’s an evident sense of intense creativity, expertise and enthusiasm, but also fun.

  • Avionics News

    April 2019

    That's about to change, thanks to the GojiBox.

  • Airline Passenger Experience

    December, 2018

    What if every time you passed a place, you could hear a story about it? Surely, every place has a story to tell.

  • Show News, EBACE 2018

    May 31, 2018

    Gotham Studios gives you the world in a box.

  • Show News, BACE 2018

    October 17, 2018

    Fly your bizjet from New York to Paris, and you might start the journey with a short documentary on Charles Lindbergh and finish with a presentation on which wine should accompany escargot.

  • Flight Evening News, EBACE 2018

    May 29, 2018

    Big-screen stars in a tiny IFE server

  • EBACE Convention News, EBACE 2018

    May 30, 2018

    The fully integrated GojiBox IFE system taps the aircraft's navigation data to deliver location-specific content.

  • AOPA Live This Week

    October, 2018

    The trend today is the passengers want their entertainment on their own devices, and we cater to that.

  • Limited Time Special Offer

    April 23, 2020

    3 years of updates free of charge

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